Ultimate Bucks Party Survival Kit [2018]

Even the best planned Bucks weekend can get knocked slightly knocked off course, so it’s important to be prepared for all that a Bucks night or weekend can throw at you. It’s best to think ahead, rather than eat into your time while you’re on tour with the lads.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a list of essential items that you should prepare for the groom-to-be and his mates. It only takes a minimum of effort and you can have some fun with it along the way.

Hangover Kit

There will no doubt be a lot of sore heads the morning after. Make sure you have some supplies on hand in preparation. Water, electrolytes and paracetamol are essential. A shot of coffee or maybe even a little hit of alcohol might also be in order to perk the lads back up again. Remind your mates to bring their sunglasses for the day after as well.

Hangover Kit Bucks Weekend

Staying Fresh – Important Items

Deodorant, Gum, Wet Wipes. It can be a long weekend of sweat filled activities, drink spills and whisky/cigar breathe. Make sure you’ve got the boys covered with a special kit of freshening up.


Why not mark the special occasion with celebratory Cigars? Bringing along a box  for the crew is a great way to add class and style to the weekend. A great way to instantly make all the lads feel like they are ballin’ out.Bucks Party Cigars


While the aim to have a classy Buck’s weekend that falls within budget. Let’s face it, there’s a potential that certain transactions are best not to have to be explained on your bank statement. You really don’t want to accidentally put them on the work credit card either!

You might also like to go the extra mile and stash a $50 note down your sock in case of an emergency.


You’re going to have a pack of male wolves on your hands. An action packed Bucks weekend is going to mean big appetites at all hours of the day. Plan ahead and bring lots of snacks so you aren’t left short…

Bucks Party Snacks

Bottle Opener

A simple item that is very easy to forgot. While there are plenty of unique and interesting ways for your Bucks crew to showcase their alternative bottle opening talents, it’s often best to keep things simple and avoid any mishaps.


This one should hopefully be fairly obvious! What happens on the Bucks Night should stay there! Do the eligible bachelors in the group a favour and plan ahead for them, just in case they should be so lucky. We don’t want any lingering venereal diseases or unexpected arrivals down the line. You can’t go wrong, if you shield your dong.

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